Supporting Black and Ethnic minority communities in Edinburgh and the Lothians!

Passion4Fusion is a Black and Minority Ethnic organisation in Scotland. Passion4Fusion was established in 2014 as an informal community initiative by a group of multi-cultural volunteers motivated to create a support structure to meet the needs of diverse ethnic minority communities, particularly young people and women in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Our Programmes

Passion4Fusion offers a range of programmes that cater to the diverse needs of the Black and Ethnic Minority families in Edinburgh and Lothians. Our programmes are created alongside the families and young people that we work with, ensuring that the programmes are tailored and relevant.

Creative Arts

We use music, dance and drama to celebrate the Heritage of our young people. We use the Arts as a nonthreatening way to communicate hard subject matters like sectarianism, racism, identity, bullying, mental health and many more. We focus on the beauty and uniqueness of culture and help demystify the myths that have come to be associated with our people and culture. The use of creative arts has given us insight in the needs and solutions to support the community.


We use football, basketball and running activities as a place where young people come to have fun, get healthy, make friendships, learn and skills in the process. Sports is used as a tool to help our young people’s mental wellbeing. Young people build trust with their coaches who are a strong support system for the young people and their families.

The Huruma Project

We provide support to Africans with underlying health issues and concerns such as mental health, Hepatitis B, HIV, poor sexual health, cancer and diabetes. The African community specifically struggle with access to culturally appropriates services and support. Passio4Fusion provides culturally sensitive information relevant to our communities needs to enable individuals access to services and the tools necessary to manage their long-term health conditions.

Wellbeing Mondays

Passion4Fusion offers mental health workshops for young people. During lockdown the mental health of young people had been neglected specifically in BME communities. Passion4Fusion took opportunity to offer the community support and a safe space for conversations about mental health, which is often a sensitive topic within BME households. Our workshops give young people and outlet and an opportunity speak openly about their emotions and things that affect their wellbeing.


We provide advocacy for Ethnic Minority groups in Edinburgh and the Lothian. Advocates are allocated to work alongside people who are referred to the service and where there is a specific issue that the person feels they need advocacy or support to resolve. More recently, we have been supporting families whose children are taken into care.

Food Support

Food poverty has most recently become an issue in our community. Many Africans will not use mainstream food banks due to lack of culturally appropriate food. We have teamed up with organisations around the city to provide food support. So if you or someone you know needs help with food, please reach out and we will be able to support you.

Our Vision and Mission


“An inclusive and equal Scotland where all communities are empowered as equal responsible citizens achieving their potential in advancing Scottish life at all levels”.


“We are devoted to empowering the diverse ethnic and cultural minorities in Scotland through inspiring and fostering participative democracy, equality, and active citizenship for all”.

— Passion4Fusion —

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